Foot slave eat feet toes

The young man working as a butler in a residence where the hostess is a vindictive bitch who mistreats its employees. But it has a pronounced attraction for the young man because he is quiet and is very competent in his work but mostly it has a beautiful mouth that could do good to the lady.

The orders are orders

She's used to treat him as his slave and performs everything she asked. That day, she called the young man in the bathroom. She then orders him to wipe her female feet with a towel and then show how the guy loves his feet. The small servant does not pray and does what she asked. It takes a licking of the feet and the foot before getting slowly to toes with which he plays. This press as if it was big nipples varnish. He realizes that these feet are not so unpleasant and is still obligated to do so. He feels the ground, massaging the toes and licking the spaces between each of them.

For the sake of Madame

Considered a vulgar servant, the guy takes one by one the ten toes and sucks them in turn to finish the last little finger. Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing a person love all the tiny parts of his body even more insignificant as the toes and it is this satisfaction that the lady received the young butler when he continued to kiss his feet constantly with his little mouth so fine and so young. Before he could finish his adoration, she throws him out of his bathroom.

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